Statement of Intent

I first started weaving stories when I was 12 years old.  Like most kids’ creativity, mine ran wild with thoughts of dragons and ninjas, wizards and pirates, aliens and and dinosaurs.  My stories were about great battles fought between toys in my backyard, allegiences lost and truces betrayed for the sake of action.  Most of my stories didn’t have an ending, but were instead interrupted by the call to dinner, time spent doing homework, or somebody else needing to use the family computer.

Like most geeks, my stories were a way to escape my reality.

As I got older, however, their telling became less frequent, more filtered, and often censored by some idea of maturity.  I stopped telling stories about dragons and wizards, I spent more time playing video games and television shows so that I could absorb what others had written, because drawing the stick figures of my imagined heroes wasn’t as cool as I had thought it once was.  I graduated high school and became a movie nut, I graduated college and became a beer nut, I grew up and stopped thinking about what was intrinsically exciting.

A few years ago I reached out through Meetup and found a group of gamers who were playing “Marvel Heroics”.  I rolled dice, I wove a narrative, and I was reminded of how much I enjoy telling stories at the roleplaying table in 2012.  Compared to some, my exposure to the realm of tabletop roleplaying is short lived, but it is enough that I love the hobby, think of ways to improve it, and recognize how important it is as a means of storytelling.

Let this blog serve as a place for me to talk about what make stories fun to tell, to share, and to question.  I don’t know how long I’ll use this for, or whether blogging is something I enjoy doing at all, but for now, let it be a place where I can talk about telling stories.  Whether it be through tabletop roleplaying, the screen, or the turned page, there are stories to be discussed here.


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